Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Festival and Event News

What’s new? How many times have you asked that question of a friend or an acquaintance? A lot, I’ll bet! In the festival and event world this is a hard question to answer, for both visitors and organizers alike! That is why we have the Ontario Event Visited website (Ontario Event News). 
This website offers website visitors up-to-date community festival and event news. The news is mainly about Ontario community festivals and events and is gathered from a variety of sources. News items are added daily. The Event News section contains topical festival and event articles and opinions. 
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Thursday, June 7, 2018

Artists’ Series – James Lumbers

This is the eight in a series about Canadian artists I have known, and worked with.
We all have memories of “Days Gone By”! Some of my most vivid memories are from my childhood, both at our home in Thorncrest Village, Etobicoke and during the summer at the Matabanick Inn near Minden.
Canadian artist, James Lumbers has taken history and memories and made them into a series of wonderful “ghost” paintings. His unique style of painting shows today’s images while “ghosting” the past. For many years we featured James’ work in our fine art galleries. I was always touched by how people reacted to his paintings. Some of his most popular works included sports figures. They included Joe Montana, “Mr. Hockey – Gordie Howe” and “The Great One - Wayne Gretzky”. Everyone who came into our galleries had a favourite James Lumbers painting. My favourite was “As Time Goes By”. This painting depicted a Grandfather giving his Grandson his pocket watch.
Even though James Lumbers lived in close by Grafton, I never formally met him until I attended a Gallery Owners Advisory meeting at his offices in Toronto.  I must admit that my first meeting with such a famous and talented artist was quite intimidating. However, once the meeting began Jim made everyone welcome and at ease. Since that first meeting I have seen Jim and his wife Dalma at a number of art shows. The show we visit most frequently is at the Bayside Boutique and Gallery summer show near Buckhorn. Jim and several other artists, including our friend Mary Kendrick, showed their work at the Gallery during the Buckhorn Fine Art Show in August. This was a great time and place to meet James Lumbers and view his works.
For me, every time I see one of Jim’s paintings, I am taken back in time and a lump forms in my throat as I remember my past!