Wednesday, November 1, 2017

The “Magic’ of Cameras! (Part One)

The worst thing that could happen to the “Festival Nomad” is to forget his camera! Now I know that you are probably saying “Boy, what a big baby!” Perhaps that’s true, but my camera is my crutch! I use it as my ears and my memory. Since I write most of my articles after Judi and I visit an event, I use the photos to “jog” my memory of what I saw and heard. Without my camera, I would be lost or. At least, severely hampered.
I always pack my “festival kit” the night before. It includes business cards, notes about the community or event we are visiting, recording equipment and my cameras, with batteries (can’t run recording equipment and cameras without batteries). By the way, never give any of your spare batteries to anyone without replacing them. I gave my daughter two batteries and then forgot to replace them. At the next event I went to I needed four new batteries and I only had two. Fortunately it was near the end of the event some I didn’t need to take many more photos. If it had have been early, It could have been a disaster! Now I only carry rechargeable batteries and I don’t “lend” them to anyone! Of course, I still have to remember to take them with me!

(Continued… Part Two)

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