Thursday, February 18, 2021

The Great Ontario Communities Series (Kitchener-Waterloo)

 During the past 15 years Judi and I have visited over 200 Ontario community festivals and events. The majority have been planned and managed by dedicated community volunteers. As a salute to these wonderful communities and their hard-working residents, I will be writing a series of blogs entitled “Great Ontario Communities”. These blogs describe the communities we have visited and will tell you about some of the interesting things we have experienced and the people we have met. The tenth article is about Kitchener-Waterloo, located about an hour's drive west of Toronto and is home of the fabulous Kitchener-Waterloo Oktoberfest!

KITCHENER-WATERLOO - I can never go to Kitchener-Waterloo without thinking of food!  This may seem strange but having lived in Kitchener-Waterloo for several years, I was able to discover the many wonderful places to have a meal.  The thing is that Kitchener-Waterloo is surrounded by many, many quaint villages and hamlets and all seem to have a restaurant to remember.  I think you have to live there for a while to really appreciate the shear numbers.  As you likely know, Kitchener-Waterloo is the home of a very large German population.  I believe this is why there are so many great places to eat!  The Germans seem to have a knack of preparing and serving delicious food and, of course, German beer is likely the best in the world!  This all being said, Kitchener-Waterloo is one of my favorite places to visit and it’s not just for the food.  There is a lot to do in this area! 

Located in the Grand River Valley, Kitchener-Waterloo is just an hour drive west of Toronto, so it’s easy to take day trips if you live in or near the GTA.  One of my favorite places to visit and things to do include a visit to St. Jacobs and lunch at the Stone Crock. The Village of St. Jacobs, Ontario’s Mennonite Heritage lies approximately 15 kilometers north of Waterloo in the Kitchener-Waterloo area of Southern Ontario.

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