Thursday, March 11, 2021

The Great Ontario Communities Series (Picton)

 During the past few years Judi and I have visited almost 150 Ontario community festivals and events. The majority have been planned and managed by dedicated community volunteers. As a salute to these wonderful communities and their hard-working residents, I will be writing a series of blogs entitled “Great Ontario Communities”. These blogs describe the communities we have visited and will tell you about some of the interesting things we have experienced and the people we have met. The thirteenth article is about Picton located along the Loyalist Parkway in Prince Edward County.

PICTON - One of Eastern Ontario’s most scenic drives is taking the Loyalist Parkway from Trenton and following it to the “end-of-the-rainbow” town of Picton.  Picton is one of those towns that you want to visit many times because there is so much to discover.  Picton is located about halfway along the scenic Loyalist Parkway.  To reach it from the west you start at Trenton and drive through the picturesque villages of Carrying Place, Wellington and Bloomfield.  Approaching it from the east, you start at Kingston and then drive along one of the most beautiful stretches of Lake Ontario until you come to the Glenora Ferry.  Here you embark on a free 15-minute ferry ride across the Bay of Quinte. 

Picton “a town proud of its past and excited about its future”.  This is proven by its many historic buildings and quaint shops.  One of the reasons Judi & I love to visit Picton and its surrounding areas is because of all its fun and interesting things to do.

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