Tuesday, January 10, 2017

“Lights… Camera… Action!”
A few years ago a friend of mine asked me if I have ever thought of videoing the festivals we visited, and then put them on “You Tube”. He figured that people would be interested in seeing videos of an event. He also thought it might increase traffic to our www.ontariofestivalsvisited.ca website. I told him that I hadn’t, but that I’d like to give it a try! So, here we were at the Bowmanville Maple Festival & All That Jazz. I had taken a lot of still photographs, but no video. I told Judi what I had in mind and she said “Give it a try, what’s the worst that could happen?!” I switched the camera’s mode to “movie” and started “shooting”. We had just entered the Midway area and one of the rides was about to begin. I pointed my camera in that direction and started to videoing.  Anyway, I videoed the ride for a few seconds and then stopped. Next I videoed a kids’ train ride, then the Midway’s arcade area. Each time I turned the camera on and off, thereby creating a disjointed series of videos. From the Midway, I took to the main street, shooting video scenes along the way. As I walked along, I gave a running commentary of what I was seeing. It was easy and it was fun! Even though each clip was quite short and disjointed, I knew I could piece them together into a longer more cohesive video, one that will be fit for “You Tube”. The only challenge was, how to put everything “together”! Fortunately I had an instructional CD that was included with my camera when I purchased it.
Since that first video, Judi and I have taken “hundreds” of videos! So much so that we now have over 200 You Tube Videos on our Ontario Visited You Tube Channel and we have had over 18,000 views! Also, the video are now being posted on our Ontario Visited Facebook page. We now travel across Ontario, visiting communities and their events, taking lots of video along the way. As a matter of interest, all of our new “adventure articles” include fun videos! We’ve come a long way since that first video, it’s now the way of the future.

So, “when you least expected, SMILE, you’re on the Nomad’s camera!”

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