Saturday, January 21, 2017

How Old Are you?

Okay, so I am now a “SENIOR” (OMG)! The problem that I have is that I don’t feel like a senior, plus my friends tell me I don’t act like one either! I don’t think they were complimenting me! So, it’s hard for me to accept a senior discount. Judi always gives that long disgusted look… “ARE YOU CRAZY, TAKE THE MONEY!” I guess with me it’s pride. I just don’t want to be considered a “SENIOR”! Now, there is one exception, INSURANCE. Being older (not too old) and accident/conviction free does have its advantages, but every other “SENIOR” situation is not for me! My Dad, on the other hand, when he became a “SENIOR” loved to go to McDonald’s for their free cup of coffee (do they still do that?), but that was my Dad, frugal as a result of the “Great Depression”. Because of my “SENIOR” phobia, I think you can forgive me for my biggest “SENIOR” blunder! Judi and I were visiting a very nice festival in Smiths Falls. Part of the festival’s attractions was a tour of the local “Railroad Museum”. There was a cost to go in, so when we reached the entrance I said to the attendant, “How much and I don’t have to pay full price do I?” He kind of looked at me as if I was crazy and with a dead-pan face said, “How old are you?” I, like an idiot, said “Why?” He just repeated the question with the same expression, but this time with a twinkle in his eye! “How old are you?” Obviously I was in another world, I just didn’t get it! Finally Judi nudged me in the ribs and took over the conversation! She now told our frustrated attendant that we were indeed “SENIORS”. You see, it wasn’t really about age! With that he asked us for a $1.00 each. We paid and went in. The regular price for non-senior was $5.00. I’m glad there was at least one “aware” member of our family there! By the way, it was a great tour!

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