Thursday, March 16, 2017

You’re Never Too Old…

I don’t know why, but anything historical fascinates me. I think that’s why I enjoy visiting such events and attractions like the Battle of Stoney Creek, Black Creek Pioneer Village and Christmas by Candle Light at Lang Pioneer Village. It’s just the thought of the hardships our forefathers went through to get us where we are today. One of my great grandfathers was a carriage maker in Lakefield, Ontario and another was a county doctor in a small village just north of Cobourg, Ontario, so perhaps that’s why the charm of “days gone by” comes so naturally. Whatever the reason, I do like to go to and see “olde” things! I know that I am not alone. When Judi and I were at the Battle of Stoney Creek, I asked one of the re-enactors if he enjoyed what he did. He proceeded to tell me that the uniform he was wearing was made of wool, was very itchy and that he sweated like “h*ll” in it! Then he told me that they had to sleep each re-enactment night at the site on old fashion lumpy camp cots. Not finished, he continued to tell me that they did re-enactments and shows pretty much every other weekend! I asked him if it was so rough why he continued to do it. He gave me a hardy laugh and said “Because I love every minute of it!” It’s funny, because most of the people I have talked to who are involved in re-enactment or interpretation say the same thing. “They love it!” Judging by the spirit and dedication of the people we have met, their “love of it” shows. Over the years, Judi and I have visited plenty of Ontario’s heritage attractions and events. We continue to visit them, because “we love them”! Ontario has lots of fascinating heritage facilities and events to visit and explore!

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