Thursday, February 9, 2017

My Tim Horton’s Story…

A number of years ago I started writing a Blog about Ontario communities and their festivals and events. The Blog eventually grew into full blown websites, Ontario Visited et al! It was Judi’s and my idea to travel around Ontario visiting as many communities and their events as time and weather would allow. To date we have visited over 500 events! After we visit each event I write an article about what we have seen and heard. I then publish an “adventure article”, with photos and video clips, on our websites. As a result, I write a lot! In fact, I normally write something every day! I do this in my home office and, believe it or not, it can become quite monotonous. To break up the unexciting atmosphere, I started to frequent Tim Hortons to do my writing. At first I thought that there would be too many distractions, but just the opposite happened! I was relaxed there and could block out most distractions! Since starting, I have written 100’s articles! I’m not sure how many cups of coffee I have purchased, but a lot! It may seem odd, but the other people sitting around me don’t bother me! In fact, I find them comforting. I believe that some of my best articles have been written there. And occasionally someone sees me writing and asks what the article is about. I am glad to tell them and to talk about Ontario’s great communities and their festivals and events. Talking to them makes me feel good. Now, when I find I have writer’s block, I pack up my paper and pens and head to our local Tim’s! The block seems to clear immediately! Thanks Tim’s! See you soon! My car knows how to find you!

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