Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Lost Time…

A few weeks ago “Daylight Savings Time” started. Like the conscientious “Festival Nomad” that I am, I changed the clock in my bedroom the night before. I wanted to make sure I got up in time to go to a Sunday festival! Judi and I were meeting some friends at the festival site and I wanted to be on time to meet them. That morning I woke up early (before the alarm went off) and went into my office to catch up on some paperwork. I kept a close watch on the clock in the office because I didn’t want to be late! At the appropriate time I showered, ate breakfast and packed my camera and notes.  I was ready to go! Judi was also up, packed and ready to go! The trip to this festival would normally take 1 ½ hours, so to be on the safe side I gave us 2 hours to get there. So, off we go, lots of time to get there! It was a good thing too, because it had snowed the night before and the Highway was still snow covered in spots and quite slippery. By the time we had reached Whitby the road was clearing so we were able to safely go a little faster. Still plenty of time to get there! When I am getting closer to Toronto I like to turn on 680 News Radio to check the traffic reports. At 10 after the hour the report started and the announcer told us that the time was 11:10 am. I looked at the car radio and my wristwatch. Both said 10:10 am. IMPOSSIBLE!!! Then it hit. I had changed to clock in my bedroom, but none of the others!! I was going to be late! We were meeting them at 11:30 am and we were still ¾ of an hour away. In a panic I picked up my cell phone and dialed my friend’s number. I wanted to tell him we would be late and to apologize to him and his family! He laughed and said “Oh don’t worry, we were a bit delayed (3 young children) and got a late start. We are just leaving now!”GRRR” I said under my breath and told him I would meet them at the festival. We arrived at the festival just minutes apart! So much for punctuality and guilty feelings!!!
"Meeting Friends"

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