Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Shear Pleasure…

I am not sure that I would want to be a “show” animal! On one hand you have “show” dogs. They are creatures of comfort and pampering. Before they perform, they are bathed and groomed. They get manicures, massages and the best food available. Nothing is too good for “Poochie”! While they are performing they get little “treats” in between tricks! It’s no wonder they look so pleased and happy in the show ring, wagging their tails madly, jumping up and down just for “shear” enjoyment! They are happy and content. On the other hand there are “show” sheep. First of all their owners let their hair grow long and shaggy” (the “sheep”, not the “human”). Grass and twigs pepper their matted hair. They are then, not looking their best, trucked off to the “show”. On arrival they are immediately herded from the truck into a group by none other than a “dog”! If one of them decides to be independent, some bossy “dog” starts nipping at its heels. But, my festival friends, this isn’t the worst of it! One by one they are split from the rest of the flock by, whom else, the “dog” and herded into a holding pen. From here the owner takes each one unceremoniously and thrusts it between his legs. Thus held, the “shearing” begins. The poor creature is twisted and turned until this once beautiful fluffy “bohemian” becomes a “scrawny hairless runt”! Where is the “dignity” you might well ask? There is no dignity, only “shear terror” After the shearing, the humiliation continues! Each is shepherded, by dog, back to the herd, there to describe to his friends his nakedness! The “dog”, when threw, runs back to his master, tail wagging and jumping for joy, knowing how much he is appreciated. It certainly proves the old saying “It’s a DOG’S LIFE”! However, I think I would rather be a sheep, who needs all that “pampering”!!! 

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