Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Back to the Future…

Over the years, we have been able to visit a number of Pioneer Villages and Re-enactments. In doing so, Judi and I have not only had an enjoyable time, but we have learned a lot of about the history of Canada and its pioneers.
Our first encounter with the past was at the “Battle of Stoney Creek”. This was a re-enactment of the 1813 battle that took place in Stoney Creek between the British and the Americans. At the re-enactment we saw the British encampment, browsed the merchant tents and witnessed a “mock” battle. Along the way we learned about Canadian and United States relationships and our respective histories.
Our next journey back in time was to the Black Creek Pioneer Village. As we wandered through the Village we were able to investigate the fascinating historical buildings and watch as Village interpreters told or showed us who our forefathers lived and survived.
These were followed by visits the Queen’s Park to see democracy at work in the Ontario Legislative Assembly. Then it was Lang Pioneer Village for their Christmas by Candlelight. In Perth we visited the elegant Matheson House. Here we could catch a glimpse of the life and times of an 1840’s family.
A while ago we traveled to Keswick to the Georgina Pioneer Village. They were featuring a re-enactment of the Rise to Rebellion. This is where William Lyon MacKenzie in 1837 tried to incite Canadians to throw off British rule.
We visited Chatham one year and witnessed the Gregor’s Crossing Medieval Faire (no longer run). Knights competed against one another for the favour of a fair maiden.
And then there were a Naval and Military encampment and battle in Port Dover and a military re-enactment at Upper Canada Village in Morrisburg?

The past is definitely our future! (See Ontario Heritage Visited at for articles about our Heritage Adventures.)

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