Thursday, November 19, 2020

Should I Tell You?


Did you ever do one of those “bone-headed” things that make you want to “crawl” into a deep dark “cave” and not come out for a year or so? One of those “things” happened to me a few months ago when Judi and I visited Prescott and their St. Lawrence Shakespeare Festival! If you have read any of my other articles about this Festival, you will know that the play, “The Taming of the Shrew” was moved from its normal outdoor venue to an indoor venue. The reason given was that there were thunderstorms on the distant horizon! I found this difficult to believe because it was sunny and bright in Prescott! However, in the “bright” sun we drove to the Church where the play was now to take place. I parked our car and we walked to the church to join the waiting line. Eventually we were ushered into the church and the play began. We became entrenched in the play! Part way through, however, I looked up at the high windows of the church and saw flashes of lightning! The STORM was upon us and I was humbled! By the time the play was over and we were exiting the church, the storm was over and the rain had stopped. Our walk back to the car was dry and uneventful. I remotely unlocked the car door and opened it. The door felt too light! I wondered why until I looked inside and realized that I had left my window OPEN! The whole driver’s side was drenched! I now had the prospect of a 3 ½ hours drive home on a soaking wet seat! I want to tell you that my “behind” and other parts were cold and “wrinkled” by the time we reached home!

P.S. My new address is at the “Bat Cave” … I’ll see you in a year or so!!!

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