Thursday, November 12, 2020

Why Not Share?

 Festivals and events are great fun and present a wonderful opportunity to share! It’s simple really, make sure when you decide to go to an event that you share your experience with someone else! This includes telling your friends and family about a great festival or events that you have visited or, better still, invite someone to go with you. Festivals and events can be much more enjoyable when shared with loved ones or friends! Because Judi and I visit so many events through the year, it’s impossible to take people with us all the time. However, when we do it always makes the event seem more memorable! Over the years we’ve gone with a number of different friends and family. I think the first was to the Toronto Zoo’s Spring Toad Festival. We went to this one with my daughter and her family. The fun that the grandchildren had was awesome! Since then we have visited the Bala Cranberry Festival with our friends Ross and Cathy and their young daughter, the Polar Bear Festival in Campbellford with my brother Chuck and his wife, Flo and their friends, Wilf and Win, the Beaches Jazz Festival with my son, Travis and his wife Ina and to the Canadian International Military Tattoo in Hamilton with my sister Barb. There were more times, but you get the idea. Sharing these events with our family and friends was a wonderful experience! So, if you are going to go to a festival or event I urge you to invite someone else to go with you! If not family or friends, invite a senior in your community. Most seniors love outings like this and make wonderful companions. They will have a great time and you will be rewarded by having a more memorable visit!

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