Wednesday, May 31, 2017

My Car Knows the Way…

Desert Nomads ride Camels… right? And, Camels know how to find water… right? I’m a “Nomad”, but I don’t ride a Camel! Heck, I don’t even own one! Besides, if I rode a Camel it would just take too long to get to the festivals and communities we visit, and it would be very uncomfortable. We would, I think, cause a lot of excitement, but, frankly, for the most part, I like to go under the radar. Now, back to my ride! So, it stands to reason, if I don’t go by Camel, I must go by some other means! Yes, my festival and community going friends, I go by Car! Like a good Camel, my car knows where all the “watering holes” are located along the “ONTARIO ADVENTURE” way. I am, of course, referring to “TIMS” (Tim Hortons)! Plus, my car knows who is BOSS, because if it didn't know where the “TIMS” were, it would get into trouble with “Scoop” JUDI! And Judi, when it comes to passing a “TIMS” without stopping, has a “short fuse”! That being said, we make frequent stops during our ADVENTURE travels. Let me tell you, I like “TIMS” coffee as much as anyone, however, I don’t buy “TIMS” coffee, I rent it and then, only for a “very short time”! That means, for you young Camels, that my body rejects the coffee quite quickly. That’s where my “smart” car comes in for me. It remembers where all the washrooms are located. The only problem is that they are all located at “TIMS”… and so, my friends, the circle of life goes on!!

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