Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Kid's Play...

Many of the festivals we visit are “kid” oriented. It is always fun to watch how different “kids” react to the activities and games offered. Many of the activities or games are very elaborate. I think that we have seen every type imaginable… the Midway, of course, with its rides and games; inflatable animals and buildings just right for jumping around; children shows featuring Barney, Dora, Bob the Builder, the characters from The Big Comfy Couch; the Ronald McDonald Sports Zone and Pepsi-Cola’s Climbing Wall and a whole lot more. Millions of dollars are spent each year by companies just to bring joy to children (and their parents)! So why is it that some of the best fun comes from very simple, ordinary things! Take our trip to the Spring Toad Festival at the Toronto Zoo. That day were accompanied by my three grandchildren and their parents. Yes, they loved the animals, but the area that they seemed to enjoy most was the kid’s area with their animal statues and cave-like tunnels. They climbed on the animals and crawled through the cave. No moving parts, no elaborate gizmos, no hype, no loud music, just a couple of inanimate objects! The best pure and simple fun we have seen during our travels came at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair. Judi and I had been walking through The Royal’s buildings and were now in the cattle area. As we had been walking for some, we decide to find a bench and sit down to rest. Across from where we sat was a young family, husband and wife and their little daughter. The parents were deep in conversation with one of the fair participants. The daughter, who appeared to be about age 3 or 4, was wandering around looking very looking for something to do. Suddenly she spied a large “broom” lay against a hay bale! She grabbed it and started sweeping up the hay and cow droppings that were scattered around the floor! She was having the time of her young life! She was oblivious of everyone around her! While we watched her I began to think about all the parents who spend $100 to $1,000 on toys for their children! So, here’s a “tip” for all my Festival Friends, buy you kids/grandkids a “broom”, they will have lots of fun with it and you will get the added bonus of a “clean sweep”!

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