Wednesday, June 28, 2017

The Parking Lottery…

Here’s an idea, I think really busy festivals and events should offer to sell potential attendees “Parking Lottery” tickets. This way one would at least have a chance for a decent parking spot.
 Whenever we go to a busy festival or event, it’s always a challenge to find a convenient parking spot! I can’t tell you how many times we have driven around for what seems like hours and miles to find a decent spot. It’s very frustrating. The was one time when I drove all the way to Toronto only to drive around for over an hour trying to find a spot that wasn’t miles away. Finally after much driving and looking I gave up and drove home. But don’t feel too sorry for the “old Nomad”. I have had some incredible luck too!
Take the time I drove, again, to Toronto. This time it was to the Beaches Jazz & Blues Festival. Now, for any of you who have visited the Beaches area, you will know that finding a parking spot even at non-peak times is an adventure! So here we were on a busy Saturday morning during the largest event of the year. We entered the Beaches area from Woodbine and turn east onto Queen Street. Traffic was at a crawl! The festival was taking place at Kew Beach. Slowly we edged our way along Queen Street. After what seemed like hours we reached the festival park. Just opposite was a street running north. As I looked up the street I saw an empty spot. I blinked, I could believe my eyes. I thought it must be a no parking zone! I am sure everyone else who saw the spot thought the same! I turned anyway. It wasn’t much of a spot, but it wasn’t in a “no parking” zone. With the help of my passengers, I edged my way into the spot. We were good for the day and legally parked!
We were lucky this day, but as I have said, more times than not we have driven around in circles trying to find a spot. Some of the more thoughtful events provide off-site parking plus a shuttle service (good for them!) but for those who don’t, a “parking lottery” just might work. And it could rise to few “bucks” to boot! There is, of course, a downside to a lottery. They would have to deal with those who paid good money and didn’t win! I would want to be the one to tell them that they still had to drive around for hours!

So, okay, maybe a “parking lottery” isn’t such a great idea after all. Happy festivaling (new word I just made up!) and remember the Festival Nomad’s mantra “DO I FEEL LUCKY TODAY”!

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