Wednesday, June 7, 2017

You Want to Drive Where?!

This is a question that almost breeds as much terror, when asked, “You Want to Leave When”! I am not only a “time” coward; I am also a “distance” coward. It’s not that Judi is a tyrant. It’s just that she likes her sleep. If getting up too early cuts into her sleep time, you’d think that a long distance drive would be perfect! No, it’s just the opposite. Judi likes to be a “co-driver”. No, she does not want to drive herself, she just wants to “help”. This means being awake all the way!

Choosing the right event to visit is important. On any given weekend there are lots of events to choose from. You can visit our ONTARIO EVENT DIRECTORY (Click HERE for link) for a comprehensive list of festivals, events, fairs, heritage sites, attractions and communities to explore. It’s a daunting task to choose the right one.

In planning our own “Ontario Adventures”, we want our “Nomadic” wanderings to take us throughout Ontario. We want to visit different Ontario communities (large and small) along the way. And, we want to experience as many different types of festivals and events as possible! Since I was elected (Judi had the only vote!) to choose the events to visit, I have to take all these variables into consideration. That means the visits can’t all be local! Once I have made my choice, I have to inform the other half of the team (Judi) where we are going. If it is a short distance, it’s not a problem. Remember, distance = time (to leave). However, when it’s a long distance, say 2 – 3 hours, that a much different story. I get the “stare”. I feel like a “12 year old” reporting to the principal’s office. She asks me to explain where exactly it is. I try to tell her, but my answer normally trite, like “Try thinking of this trip as a great adventure!” or “Half the fun is getting there!” She normally doesn’t “BUY” my explanation, and just grits her teeth and says “When are we going?” Like a true “Nomad”, I love to travel (in a car, not on a Camel). It relaxes me! I can drive for hours without a break, so it’s hard for me to understand. The funny part is that once we arrive Judi has a great time. That’s what makes us a great team, I love to get there and she loves to be there!

Once we finish the visit everything is back to normal… that is until I tell her that there is a great festival in “Timiskaming” that I want us to visit! She is not amused!

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