Wednesday, August 23, 2017

What Not To Wear…

Judi and I were traveling from an event and started talking about clothing. The conversation was not about how each other looked. It was about how many times we had gone to a festival wearing inappropriate clothing! Over this past year or so, we have definitely had our share of “What not to wear”!
There was time when we visited the Shelter Valley Folk Festival. We had parked our car in a farmer’s field. The field had just been freshly cut so there were lots of sharp edges! For some reason Judi had decided to wear sandals (she never wears sandals!) and the sharp edges really cut into her feet! Lesson learned!
Then there was the time that I visited the Brighton Winterfest. I decided to wear a pair of cotton pants and deck shoes. The weather was supposed to be sunny and reasonably warm for that time of year. It started off that way. Unfortunately it didn’t continue that way, and once I had reached Brighton large flakes on snow were falling! One of the festival’s events was snowmobile racing at the Brighton Speedway. This is where the snow really started to fall! There I was, the lowly “Festival Nomad” sitting in the stands with cotton pants and deck shoe, surrounded by “winter” people all dressed in heavy parkas and warm snowmobile boots! As the snow continued to fall, I am sure I started to look like a giant snowman!!

You would have thought a reasonably intelligent man would have learned a valuable lesson, but not the “Nomad”, lesson NOT learned! A few weeks later Judi and I visited the Ajax Winterfest. You guessed it; I was wearing the same cotton pants and deck shoes! Although it wasn’t snowing, it was extremely cold and it had just snowed the night before. I am sure I must have posed quite the figure as we tramped through the snow following other festival visitors who were wearing snow boots or snowshoes! I had to follow in their tracks so that I wouldn’t have to break a new path in the deep snow. As it was snow managed to sneak into my shoes causing a wet crunchy feeling next to my socks! Lesson FINALLY learned???!!!

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