Friday, October 14, 2022

INSIDE with the Festival Nomad (No. 37)

 Over the years I have attended, worked with and organized hundreds of festivals and events. With this new series, "INSIDE with the Festival Nomad", I want to give you an "inside" look at some of the festivals and events that I have been involved with or that I have visited. Along the way, I have had a lot of fun and sometimes frustration, but I have never been bored!

Canadian Parks Partnership (Part Two)

The Best Laid Plans...

About two weeks before the Ceremony, Bouchard quit the Cabinet and the Progressive Conservative government and he went over to the Bloc Quebecois to lead it. There was panic in the halls of Parliament! Eventually Minister Bouchard was replaced by the Robert de Cotret, Minister of the Environment and the ceremony in Banff was back on! Michael and I flew to Calgary and then drove to Banff and checked into our hotel. The ceremony was to take place the next day. We arrived at the appointed place, at the appointed time and participated in the ceremony. I think it took about 15 minutes. Michael and I had flown a thousand miles or more to a ceremony that took only a few minutes! Fortunately, it was all the expense of the Canadian Government and, of course, the Canadian Taxpayer. Michael and I had a great time! One of the benefits was that the tickets we purchased made us stay in Banff over a weekend. We toured the area in our rented car and ate some great meals. It was a time for me to get to know Michael, the person, as well as Michael, the fabulous artist. I can tell you, travelling the countryside with Michael is an awesome experience. I learned more about nature and wildlife in a few hours then I could have by reading many books in a lifetime!

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