Friday, October 28, 2022

INSIDE with the Festival Nomad (No. 38)

 INSIDE with the Festival Nomad (No. 38)

Over the years I have attended, worked with and organized hundreds of festivals and events. With this new series, "INSIDE with the Festival Nomad", I want to give you an "inside" look at some of the festivals and events that I have been involved with or that I have visited. Along the way, I have had a lot of fun and sometimes frustration, but I have never been bored!

Back Door...

Then there was our visit to the Assiniboine Zoo in Winnipeg. Once again, we were treated to the inner workings of the Zoo. I must say, it was fascinating. It certainly gave Judi and me a better appreciation of just how well loved the animals were and how well cared for they were cared for. It was an unforgettable experience! Perhaps the most insightful “Back Door” experience was at the Toronto Zoo. We not only got to experience the inner workings of the Zoo, but we were able to talk to the Zoo's main Zookeepers. The amount of knowledge they collectively had was awesome. I think what impressed me the most was their willingness (and eagerness) to share their knowledge and experiences. Apart from Zoo and Aquarium "Back Door" visits, one of my most memorable encounters was meeting and talking with the Cincinnati Zoo’sJack Hanna”. I was attending a large art show in Charleston, South Carolina (the Southeastern Wildlife Exposition [SEWE]). Jack seemed to be the same “in person” as he is on “TV”. He was fun, chatty and knowledgeable and, of course, he had an array of animals to show us!

This is the last of my “Inside with the Festival Nomad” articles. As you can see, Judi and I have had great experiences! Our next Blog will be about an amazing interview we just had with a very famous person. Stay tuned!

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