Sunday, November 13, 2022

Here at TIMS!

 Well, here I am at Tim Hortons. It’s been a long time! You know, the pandemic and all of life’s challenges. Before Covid-19, I use to visit TIMs regularly. In fact, it was my “go to” places to write my articles and Blogs. It was either TIMS or the library. If I was going to the library, I would stop off at TIMS to get my “inspirational” takeout coffee. I must have needed the caffeine to get my “create juices” flowing!

It's funny, the noises and activity didn’t seem to bother me. Actually, atmosphere seemed to heighten my creativity! The same with the library. I just was able to think more clearly… “go figure”.

So, it’s back to TIMS to write new, and I hope entertaining, articles and Blogs. Hopefully it will be the start of some “fabulous” writing! If not, I’ll just have to blame TIMS!

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