Friday, November 18, 2022

How Old Are You?

 As you get older, there are lots of great “perks”! Now that I have reached that exalted “senior” time in my life, I have started to take advantage of these “freebees” and “discounts”. Who wouldn’t?

However, it wasn’t always this way for me. I used to “refuse” to take advantage of these special “senior” benefits. My “pride” would get in the way! I just didn’t want to admit that I was getting older, past “middle age”, Judi was always admonishing me and would say ~ “ARE YOU CARZY? TAKE THE MONEY!”  I used to “cringe” when she would say that, but invariably I would “ignore” her “advise”, not a “wise” thing to do!

I should have learned from my “dear learned” father who, when MacDonald’s announced that seniors would get free coffee, he started to “shake with excitement” (perhaps a little exaggerated). He had just turned 55 at the time of the announcement! He wasn’t ashamed of being a “senior”, he was just thrifty! He was a lot more in tune with himself then I was.

I am learning though. Especially with inflation and higher living costs (food,gas,etc.). I needed this kind of “sledgehammer” to come around, to be “thriftier”! Now I stop to pick up a “dime” off the ground (it used to be a penny or a nickel). I think that I am not, actually, getting “older”, just “smarter”?

As they say (I not sure who), “your parents seem to get smarter the older you get” … I wonder?

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