Friday, November 4, 2022

Unique Drives!

 As many of you know, Judi and I love to travel the backroads of Ontario, “Finding Roads Less Traveled”. During these fun trips, we have experienced many fascinating and interesting things. A short time ago, we were driving along a gravel backroad and spotted a phenomenon that we had never experienced before. On a remote farmer’s fence post we came across a huge bird (and when I say HUGE, I mean huge!) with its wings spread fully out. It was just sitting there, not moving. At first, we thought it was just a stuffed decoy. On closer look, we realized that it was alive. We couldn’t believe our eyes! We stopped our car and started to take photos. The bird just sat there, wings spread out, not moving. Several minutes passed by, and Judi decided she wanted to get better and closer shots. Judi stepped out of the car and moved closer. The bird didn’t move! Judi moved a little closer, and the bird finally decided to move. It slowly lowered its massive wings, did a lazy turn on the fence post. It then took off. The bird’s flight only lasted a few seconds. It leisurely glided to a nearby post and settled back down to rest.


At that point Judi and I decided that we had “interfered” with the bird’s “rest time”, and we left it in peace. After all, the mighty “Turkey Vulture” had plenty of “cleanup” duties to perform!

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